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Debbie Evans

Vice President of Leavittation, Inc.
E-mail: Debbie@stuntrev.com

Debbie Evans is considered one of Hollywood's top stunt women. As she says, if it has wheels it can wheelie.

Debbie has doubled for actresses such as Carrie-Anne Moss, Pamela Lee, Alicia Silverstone, and Linda Hamlton.

Before Debbie began her stunt career she caused quite a stir in the motorcycling world as the only woman who competed in professional motorcycling and was considered to be the unofficial women's world trials champion. While sponsored by Yamaha, Debbie used to do half-time shows at supercrosses in which she would balance a motorcycle and do a headstand on its seat.

Debbie is currently America's Top Rider in the FIM Women's World Championship. She won two Taurus World Stunt Awards for her work in the Fast and the Furious. You can read about her in Reader's Digest, or at DebbieEvans.com.

Debbie Evans
Debbie Evans Debbie Evans
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