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Kevin Jackson


A Stunt Coordinator (Friends, Bud Light, Ja Rule), Stunt Rigger (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Friday After Next) and multi-faceted Stuntman (National Treasure, Heart of Summer, Tears of the Sun, American Dream, Boston Public), Kevin Jackson is an active and well-respected member of the stunt community.

Kevin has worked on many of Hollywood's most popular movies, from stunt work in Spiderman II, cycling throught the streets of New York in Taxi, to driving a souped-up Toyota Supra street car in the street racing adventure 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Kevin has pursued many activities which have added to his repertoire as a versatile stuntman; including professional driving schools, advanced open water diving, martial arts, mountaineering, western-style horse riding and acting lessons. As a professional cyclist, he also designed key bicycle models for Schwinn and Diamondback.


- 2002 World Stunt Awards for Best Fire Work in the movie, The Last Castle.

- 2nd Place in the Mountain Bike Downhilll event at the Stunts Unlimited Ski Challenge in '98

- World Champion cyclist and key member of the National and International Schwinn Cycling Team and inductee into the BMX Hall of Fame


Kevin Jackson
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